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Version 2018.06.24

**Cstan98 Terms Of Service.

  1. CSTAN98 (Church).

    CSTAN98 is a Church. But is not a Singapore Registered Church. So You can call it a Semi-Church.

  2. CSTAN98 (Company).

    CSTAN98 is a Singapore Registered Business Company.

  3. CSTAN98 (Country).

    CSTAN98 is a Country. But is not a UN (united nations) Registered Country. So You can call it a Semi-Country.

  4. CSTAN98 Accounting.

    (00) There are 2 systems levels of Accountings.

    (01) CSTAN98 - Business Account. (Nil at moment) is done as Corporate level. It is like giving to a Church. Corporate Expenses like accounting audits/Cstan98 Website expenses/ goverment dues-taxes/law suits/..... Pure 100% Corporate.

    (02) Cstan98 - Personal Account (see far below) is done as Personal level. It is like giving to a Pastor. Personal Expenses (mixed) like apps/books/clothings/ educations/equipments/foods/movies/music/telecom Data Plan/..... Mixed Corporate/Personal.

    (*) Merits Money 1998-2018. May be freezed by Singapore Government. Because zero accounted for.

  5. Cstan98 (Pastor).

    Cstan98 is a Pastor. But is not a Singapore Christian Registry Registered Pastor. So You can call me a Semi-Pastor.

  6. Judas Blood Money.

    All apostles judas very confused with GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Tithes with their Blood Money. Also very confused with GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Works/non-god works. Like to use their blood money to do their non-god works. Let me Cstan98 help e/Everyone to tell the differences. The apostles judas all die (commit suicide). Some say they goes Heaven. Some say they goes Hell. According to JESUS CHRIST. All apostles judas wish they are never borned. Panda predicts 1/12 apostles (christians) = 10% die. Majority of these 10% are on planet earth.

  7. Money - Merits Money. 功德费。

    (00) 功德费是一贯道的东西。现在是观音/耶稣基督/熊猫的东西。 Merits Money is last time Heaven Tao Concept. Now it is being used by GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST/Panda. When used. The u/User/s b/Bearer/s either bear your sins/give You Blessings Merits.

    (00) 一贯道:"功德费只能现款." Heaven Tao: "Merits Money can only be given in cash term."

    (00) 观音:"功德费要黑白手续清." GUAN YIN: "Merits Money must be accounted for." Now me Cstan98 is not responsible for all unaccounted Merits Money deposit in my OCBC (singapore red bank). Please see bottom most below 'Spending Plans' for total accounted Merits Money.

    (01) By Right. All Buddhist Churches/Mosques/Temples should be the same definitions.

    (02) By Left. It depends on their definitions.

    (03) Why Me Cstan98 Nothing Better To Do? Turning all money to Merits Money. Because me calculations that this last Universe not going to make it. Because satan the devil money-in = normal money. The his money-out = Merits Money. To save Everyone. Panda no choice has to all money-in/out = Merits Money.

    (04) Why Me Cstan98 Something Better To Do? Since it is my Old-Buddha Vows to bear all b/Beings (even satan the devil) sins. When taking Crosses. Might as well earn some Merits Money to build Churches/Temples. Moreover. GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM OS (Operating System) sins keep growing bigger & bigger critical levels. Churches/Temples build lesser & lesser dying. Because no one quantify sins using Merits Money to build Churches/Temples. So Cstan98 Use Problems Solve Problems Stroke = money to clear sins by building Churches/Temples. Basically. Using money to attack sins through building Perfect Christianity/Panda Zen.

  8. Money - B&W (Black & White) Tithes.

    Panda (me Cstan98) collects B&W (Black & White) Tithes. This is same definitions as 熊猫功德费.

  9. Money - Merits Money.

    Merits Money. The me Cstan98 also calls them as JESUS CHRIST Sins Offerings Money (耶稣基督功德费.) Because basically when used. The y/You must literally die on the Cross for the d/Donor/s.

**English Modified/Translated Website.

For Cstan98/English Modified/Translated Website Surfers. You still need to pay 1% on the safe side. The me Cstan98 cannot predict accurately how GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM actually calculates.

**If Want To Pay Surfing This Website.

The fee is 1% of your monthly incomes values.

  1. ***Objectives.

    The Cstan98 B&W (Black & White) Tithes Money collected is to expand my CSTAN98 (Church/Company/Country) Empire & to further the Objectives of this Cstan98 Website.

  2. Actually 1% is peanuts.

    Let say You earn extra 2500.00 from 2500.00 due to Motivations from this Website = 2500.00 + 2500.00 = 1% of 5000.00 is only 50.00 peanuts for You. Let say You earn only 100.00 . 1% of 100.00 = 1.00 peanuts. You going to die of starvations anyway. Why not try 1.00 ? See whether according to Cstan98 is true or not? That s/Someone who uses Your 1.00 going to bear Your 1.00 sins.

  3. Forgiveness.

    Since GUAN YIN/GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM forgives my Cstan98 10% GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Tithes Debts. Panda also forgives Everyone 1% B&W (Black & White) Tithes (+ any 4% interests) Debts. But Panda does not forgive you for using extra Merits Money not earned. Because me does not use your earned Merits Money.

**Warnings: Merits Money Issues.

  1. 4% Interests. 4%利息。

    But Koran says no interests. Panda is not ISIS (is shits is shits). JESUS CHRIST: "GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM is a mean Employer. He wants You to put His Money in Bank to earn 4% Interests per year." If Panda don't charge. Confirm many stupid things going to happen to my Bank Accounts.

  2. All Money In/Out. 全部进出是公德费。

    All money in/out are Merits Money.

  3. Bear All Consquences. 因果自负。

    Heaven Tao: to use Merits Money you need to be at least Old-Buddha Class (HOLY SPIRIT equivalent). 一贯道:只有古佛道才能用功德费。 You bear your own consequences if You use Them like me. Least say. Not even me (my Level).

  4. No Attachment.

    If you still don't let go of your merits money donations. It is as if they are not given. Singapore Supreme Court Q-Numbers are always opened to take back.

  5. No Take Back.

    When You give. Your portion of sins are beared. When you take back. Other people same portion of sins are given in return back to you. To bear back.

  6. One Cent = One Ghost. 佛家一分钱一个鬼。

    Buddhism: "in Buddha House. One Cent = One Ghost." My 1.00 is 100 cents. If your 1.00 is 1.000000.00 . How many cents? The you guess what happen to you?

  7. What Use On Others. Use On You. 以其人只道。还其人。

    JESUS CHRIST: "Rules of Merits Money. You use on o/Other/s. Are used on y/You."

  8. What You Can Bear.

    JESUS CHRIST: "GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM does not let You bear what You cannot bear." You do Your Best. GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM does the rest. It is all about Your Best.

  9. Wrong Feverish.

    If You feel angry/dizzy/feverish/tired mental. Mean You are not 古佛道 (HOLY SPIRIT Class) worthy enough. Your heart is bearing hellfires Cross of sinful people. Is it you lead ex-apostle judas spendthrift lifestyles anyhow spend? Not careful with Accounting? Owe Debts/Taxes/Tithes? Still little sins (like a little heart adultery)? Or ???

**When Me Cstan98 Die/Rapture.

CSTAN98 (Company) is 100% owned by me Cstan98. When me dies/raptures from. All my Assets belong to JESUS CHRIST.

**My CSTAN98 (Company) Authorised Officer:

Currently me Cstan98 is the only employee of CSTAN98 (Company ACRA: 53101971C). Founder & CEO - Tan Chun Siong (NRIC: S6904193J). No other person is authorized to accept money/open-transfer banks-investment accounts/ sell CSTAN98 Company shares/sign contracts-loans/..... Please be careful of fake officers.

**My Finance:

*Warning: so me is cleared to the best of my abilities. That me is not accountable for for all unaccounted for Merits Money transactions.

  1. 2017 CBS (credit bureau singapore).

    That me Tan Chun Siong (NRIC: S6904193J) has 0 bankruptcy proceedings & 0 debts (secured & unsecured).

  2. 2018 IMH (singapore mental hospital).

    IMH Doctor = AP (Asshole Professor) Joseph Leong. The me Cstan98 to IMH (singapore mental hospital): "diagnosis?" IMH (singapore mental hospital): "under control. (Cannot let You normal. Or else You go prison.)" The me Cstan98: "(me is so incompentent. If me goes prison. 2/3 Security Council going to ask for my release. This is my current human army power on this earth planet.)" The me to IMH (singapore mental hospital): "prescriptions?" IMH (singapore mental hospital): "biweekly 10mg injection with no oral medication." The me to IMH (singapore mental hospital): "me is cursed because of accepting Merits Money in my Cstan98 Website. Inject me with alcohols. The me becomes more/less curse? Is IMH (singapore mental hospital) responsible of any of my Company loss of money?" IMH (singapore mental hospital): "not responsible. Because you are incapable yourself." The me Cstan98 to IMH (singapore mental hospital): "Wife diagonsis?" IMH (singapore mental hospital): "under control." The me to IMH (singapore mental hospital): "her prescriptions?" IMH (singapore mental hospital): "1 oral pill + 1 sleeping pill per day."

  3. 2018 IRAS (Singapore Income Revenue Authority).

    Inform IRAS (singapore income revenue authority). My Cstan98 (Company) Income from 1998-2017 = 0.00 . They say unable to re-delcare.

  4. 2018 MAS (Singapore Monetary Authority).

    Never annouce there are more than 2 types/values of currencies in Singapore. No one gives back balance of what me buys with my money. In fact. LKY states that only one type of Singapore Dollars can be used in Singapore Lands.

  5. 2018 OCBC (Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited).

    Declare to me that there is only 1 Active OCBC Account. 1 Active GIRO Transfer Standing Order (for my CPF). That me is to be notified by my iPhone7 +65.86911747 if there is any additional of OCBC Account under my Name NRIC. Any GIRO Standing Order in my OCBC Account. That my current transactions (that me needs to know) are shown on my OCBC Passbook.

  6. 2017 PGO (Public Guardian Office).

    There is no active Lasting Power Of Attorney. By right. Any additional of Lasting Power Of Attorney should contact me Cstan98 by post.

  7. Law Case - Bankruptcy of SATO KOGYO CO., LTD.

    Working there as Administrative Manager. Everythings are fine. In fact. Starting to show high growth. Then my opposition parties roman catholic friend matthew koh asks me for a job. So help him get admin clerk job. The he cannot get along with management. Ask for my Company Email/Password. Saying writing for some personal CPF matters (forget exact). Scold police/singapore government. By right. Company should send me for Police Investigations. Instead They increase my IMH (mental hospital) alcohols medicines dosages. Unable to cope (me is allergic to alcohols.) Make too many management mistakes. Fired. Worldwide Company declares bankrupt. Jobs Loss = 8000 + 92000 subcontractors workers worldwide. Company may recover after fired me. Be careful of opposition parties roman catholic.

  8. Law Case - Bankruptcy of POH KONG/CPK Contractor.

    Working there as Admin Officer (Primary School CEO 2IC). Everythings are fine. In fact. Starting to show high growth. Then my opposition parties roman catholic friend matthew koh asks me for a job. So help him get admin clerk job. The he cannot get along with management. Ask for my Company Email/Password. Saying writing for some personal CPF matters (forget exact). Scold police. Scold singapore government. By right Company should send me for Police Investigations. Instead They increase my IMH (mental hospital) alcohols medicines dosages. Unable to cope (me is allergic to alcohols.) Make too many management mistakes. Fired. Company makes huge losses. Jobs Loss = 15 + 120 foreign workers. Company may recover after me left. Be careful of opposition parties roman catholic.

  9. Law Case - Defounder Choy.

    (01) My Wife Choy says she is co-founder of CSTAN98 (Corp). To be exact. More like a negative defounder. Panda says settle all court cases quickly while small. The she say make them bigger by keep on fighting. Panda says don't invest. Everythings simple bank accounts. The she says invest here/there. Now totally no control. Don't dare let me know. By right. Kingdom empire fruits are 50% co-share between King/Queen. Then of course. All money losses cut from queen choy 50% pocket money.

    (*) Panda still have 100% Share Control of CSTAN98 (Corp). There can only be 1 commander CEO in armed forces. Panda predicts she dies earlier/faster than me. From the ways she does things.

  10. Law Case - Mother Tay Swee Tin.

    She provideS me living 2800.00 per month. Plus education sponsorship path from Kindergarten to University BBA (Business Degree). She says my CSTAN98 Company is Her. Cstan98 Reverse Stroke. The me Cstan98 gives back Her 2800.00 per month. Plus sponsor to finish everythings to University BBA (Business Degree). Please ask Her to build startup 1 Unicorn company let me sees. By right. All those money sum She gives me unable to pay the 4% interests of the money sum She freezes. She is paying me back the interests due to me all these years.

  11. Law Case - Old Singapore Grandmother Estate Administrator.

    By right. Grandmother (foster actually) wants to give Her 4 Rooms HDB Flat to me. Somehow me ends up in IMH (mental hospital). Sign Legal Order to sell away and to give Her 4 Children (including singapore blue mother. Each 120000-140000.00??? Cannot remember exact). Recent 2017. Find out from singapore blue mother. It becomes to give only 2 Children (Each 7000.00 . Singapore blue mother keep rest.) The me Cstan98 only receive 5000.00 back then (donate as Repentance Merits Money to Heaven Tao on my name.) Suspect either law firm/singapore blue father/mother cheats.

  12. ***Currently no active bank account.

  13. ***Careful of fake accounts.

**My ID Data:

  1. If You have anythings. Please contact me Cstan98 by Central Apple iCloud Email/Central Postal Address/Central Telepathic Voice in below Cstan98 Term Of Service. The me Cstan98 has:

  2. One Birth Certificate (inaccurate birth data because of hospital baby swapping).

  3. One Singapore Company ID (CSTAN98, ACRA: 53101971C).

  4. One Singapore CorpPass ID (CSTAN98).

  5. One Singapore Citizen NRIC (TAN CHUN SIONG, S6904193J).

  6. One Singapore Passsport (TAN CHUN SIONG, S6904193J, Passport No: E4977913C).

  7. One Singapore SingPass ID (S6904193J).

  8. *Careful of fake accounts.

**Contacting Me Cstan98:

  1. *If there are any questions regarding this Certifications/Privacy Policy/Spending Plan/Standard Email Replies/ Term Of Service. You may contact me Cstan98 using the information below:

  2. *Please Don't jam my communications. Don't call/mail me. These create many problems.

  3. Website URL: https://www.cstan98.com .

  4. One Central Email: frogkupkup@icloud.com .

  5. One Central Postal Address: 'CSTAN98, Blk 435, Yishun Avenue 6 (Avenue 11), #06-2096, Singapore 760435, Republic Of Singapore'.

  6. One M1 Mobile Central SMS: +65.86911747 .

  7. All Donations: in 100% pure gold. Please donate to GUAN YIN Temple - Middle Road, Singapore. (观音堂-四马路-新加坡).

  8. There is no fixed Apple iPhone SIM card static IP address in Singapore.

  9. There is no fixed Apple MacBook Air static IP address in Singapore.

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