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<如果要找/联络一贯道佛堂/金线。 Singapore Middle Road GUAN YIN Temple(新加坡四马路观音庙)上面有一间。 是师母旧金线。你妳们猜为什么熊猫星期一到五尽力去那里请示问题。>


*Cstan98 First Cry = Middle Road GUAN YIN Temple (四马路观音庙):


(02) Location: Singapore - Middle Road near Bugis MRT.

(03) Derived from United States President Air Force One concept. Cstan98 First Cry is where Cstan98 is stationed (of Eastern Front Religion).



(01) Visiting Middle Road GUAN YIN Temple (四马路观音庙).

(02) Outsource Eastern Front Religions Operations to Middle Road GUAN YIN Temple (四马路观音庙).

(03) So that can concentrate on CSTAN98 Consultancy (Church, Company, Country) Operations.



2017. Quickly build up CSTAN98 Consultancy (Church, Company, Country) Incomes Revenues capabilities to fund Eastern Front Religions Operations aggressively.


How To Get GUAN YIN Divination:

  1. (01) Enter Front Gate. Of GUAN YIN Temple.

  2. (02) Front Gate Facing Heaven. Just out Your Highest GOD JEHOVAH Name. (The me Cstan98 just stand with sincere heart. Without incense/flower. Incense can be swapped bought.)

  3. (03) Inner Gate Facing GUAN YIN. Say today how much You are giving. Must mention it is Merits Money. Best is Monthly Tithes of first day of month. Then other days. At least 0.10 . (Because You are getting something of value from GUAN YIN.)

  4. (04) Then. Say today what Divination Question You are asking. One question is best. One short recite aloud is best.

  5. (05) Deposit At Donation Box. Your Merits Money.

  6. (06) Get Divination Sticks Can & 2 Stones. From the best Service Person at Table.

  7. (07) Go To Carpet Facing GUAN YIN.

  8. (08) Standing = You must be perfect sinless. (Or else Temple Guardians Archangels punish.) Kneeling = if you are sinful. If standing. Try to stand near behind edge. Not stepping on carpet.

  9. (09) Circle/Mix The Divination Sticks Inside Wooden Can. Many times. To confuse nearby high dan satanic people not to manipulate the sticks. Especially if ask too many times. Still cannot get.

  10. (10) Shake Out 1 Divination Stick. If more than 1. Put back. Redo steps.

  11. (11) Look/Remember Number. Because there are people who can freeze time. And swap your divination stick on the ground.

  12. (12) Throw 2 Stones. 1 up 1 down = correct Divination Stick. If 2 up/2 down = need redo. Even if stone/s are outside carpet. Still valid.

  13. (13) Get Divination Paper. From the same Service Person at Table.

  14. (14) Confirm. Correct Divination Number. And must put back the Divination Stick back into Wooden Can.

  15. (15) Interpret. Look both Chinese/English texts. Try to find Answer to Your Divination Question. Your Understanding of the Divination Stick depends on how high is Your Cultivation Dan. For me Cstan98. Does not have problems understanding what GUAN YIN is saying.

  16. (16) Thanks GUAN YIN.

  17. (17) Burn Divination Paper. At fire near side front gate. Just light fire at Divination Paper at top. Hand hold below. Until near burn. Throw into rubbish bin below fire burner. If You immediately throw into. There are high dan satanic people who can extinguish. Must complete burning = means amen (come to pass) to that Divination Paper. (*since me Cstan98 is just asking Directions for Things. Therefore bad/good. The me still burns.)

  18. (18) Exit Side Gate.

  19. (*) If You are Perfect Christian. Kneeling down to GUAN YIN. Your HOLY SPIRIT may leave. Because by right They are equal. Cannot kneel to Each Other. But sometime no choice have to ground touch 1 leg. To take landed far Divination Stick.


*GUAN YIN Temple (Singapore Middle Road) Divinations:

  1. 2017. How Not Get IMH (mental hospital injections)?

    Just change your Cstan98 Website Wife Methods.

  2. 2017. How To Big Bird (P Organ)?

    It is not bee not hardworking. Just raining & no flower to honey.

  3. 2017. How To Deal With Mother Satan Who Die Die Must Sins?

    You be guided how.

  4. 2017. How To Defeat Sex Satan?

    Natural Tao yin yang way.

  5. 2017. How To Earn Next Monthly Core 1000.00 (At 2000.00)?

    You get jade skillfully finally.

  6. 2017. How To Eternal Life?

    Need wise Sage-King to change current bad 5 elements.

  7. 2017. How To Find No Fee Toilet In GUAN YIN Temple?

    You meet Zen Master (cute-cute Sister) to go Bugis Junction.

  8. 2017. How To Have Children?

    Body so dirty. Still want to climb high mountain.

  9. 2017. How To Kill Switzerland Satan The Devil?

    Just a game. Palace Girl singing in Palace.

  10. 2017. How To Use Merits Money?

    You are not fit. You do not want to bear the sins. Just want to be rich.

  11. 2017. Should I 24 Option?

    Good money. (Wrong. Lead me Cstan98 to IG Trading.)

  12. 2017. Should I IG Trading?

    Good move. (Wrong. Lead me Cstan98 to iOCBC Securities.)

  13. 2017. Should I iOCBC Securitites?

    Referring this. When heart is right & sun is bright. Water become clear.

  14. 2017. Should I Use Satanic Money Back?

    Not using them nest build. Rains come wash away.

  15. 2017. What Happen To Me If This Jesus (Not Real JESUS CHRIST) Become Universe God?

    You get nothing (no official title).

  16. 2017. Year 2017?

    A bad year. Just maintain.

  17. 2017.08.24. How To Have Money To Go GUAN YIN Temple Everyday?

    The People here like You. Like Pillar of GUAN YIN Temple. You become Archangel.

  18. 2017.08.25. How To Cure Wife Choy Constipation?

    So long s/She greeds for money not earn. Incurable.

  19. 2017.09.02. Sep-2017?

    Stay same. Drink, eat & sleep. Don't cause troubles. Then You are fine.

  20. 2017.09.03. How To Avoid Houseflies (Sales People) When Rich?

    You think too far. You only become rich when You meet that correct Enlightened Person.

  21. 2017.09.04. Rest Of Mistakes Other Than Saying GUAN YIN Temple ACRA Name wrong?

    Careful your mouth. A lots of people want to kill you for that.

  22. 2017.09.05. How Not To Change Die Queen Choy?

    Sage-King should scold People like His Equal.

  23. 2017.09.06. How To Let Queen Choy Practice GUAN YIN Zen Also (With JESUS CHRIST Methods)?

    You eventually build High Treasure Tower. Everyone expects sees It.

  24. 2017.09.07. How To No More Big Tummy For Queen Choy?

    She needs many huge efforts to squeeze out (shits). By water or knocks (exercises).

  25. 2017.09.08. How To Solve Ugly Face For Queen Choy?

    Don't surgery (solve 1 problem create more problems). Everythings GUAN YIN Zen Tao Natural Ways.

  26. 2017.09.12. What Are (Universe) Black Holes?

    Only Someone who knows Their values knows Their treasures.

  27. 2017.09.13. How To Love Wife Choy More With Less Temper?

    Natural after walking (working) become panting (angry at home). Just careful no nest (divorce).

  28. 2017.09.15. How To Totally No Sleep (Find Sleeping A Total Waste Of Time)?

    You meet a Doctor Teacher to teach You water (energies) keep flowing out of well (body).

  29. 2017.09.16. How To Meet That Enlightened Person To Be Rich?

    Let nature follows her course. Good People have good ends. Bad people have bad ends.

  30. 2017.09.19. Wife Choy Sep-2017?

    Chess trapped (by You Panda). East/North/South/West nowhere to move.

  31. 2017.09.20. How To Get Money From Cstan98 Website?

    Your Boat full of money treasures is connected all lakes/seas.

  32. 2017.09.22. My Cstan98 Prediction Correct Of 3 Years Before GUAN YIN Temples/JESUS CHRIST Churches?

    It is an even chess game. Depend on who is the better Player. You or them?

  33. 2017.09.23. How Me Cstan98 To Cultivate Higher & Higher?

    You cultivate naturally from small Bird become big Bird.

  34. 2017.09.24. What It Is Like At SG79 Panda Empire?

    You think too far. You should be thinking Your Panda Empire Boat may capsize any minute.

  35. 2017.09.25. Oct-2017?

    Trap North, South, East, West. Unless You can save Yourself to live.

  36. 2017.09.27. What To Do For Trappings Oct-2017?

    (You correct correctly.) Have become Husband/Wife Harmony. You get a Baby. Farmlands improve.

  37. 2017.09.28. What Status Now For Planet Earth?

    All Heaven Planets in Universe sending Their Starfleets to planet earth.

  38. 2017.09.29. Wife Choy Oct-2017?

    Wisdom Test. Many bad people giving her bad advices. She needs to differentiate good from bad.

  39. 2017.10.01. Who Is Satan The Devil?

    The son of elder jehovah & mother satan. Because of ancestral virtures. Very high dan.

  40. 2017.10.02. Where Is Dead Singapore President Ong?

    Forget Him. You have already lost Him.

  41. 2017.10.03. Where Is Dead Singapore LKY?

    Enemy becomes Friend. He is alive. You meet Him in near future.

  42. 2017.10.04. Where Is My Dead Singapore Father?

    Boat splashes waves (bad nature) is because of obstacles (demons). He needs help.

  43. 2017.10.20. How To Earn Enough To Pay 2017 Projected CPF/IRAS Debts?

    Just maintain with finetunes changes. You get more than You need.

  44. 2017.11.01. Can I Pay 2017 Projected CPF/IRAS Debts by Jan-2018?

    Your barn tree is empty. Next season (by Dec-2018) can pay finish.

  45. 2017.11.02. How To Stop Earned Merits Money From Pig Eating Satan The Devil?

    There is a Reason for that. You get a High Dan to teach You.

  46. 2017.11.03. Does setup OCBC Business Accounts/Internet receive Payment System grow CSTAN98 (Corp)?

    Fix your current CPF/IRAS/Tithes problems first.

  47. 2017.11.06. When Can Pay Back 1969-2016 Debts (CPF/IRAS/Tithes)?

    You have enough to pay.

  48. 2017.11.07. (1/4 GUAN YIN Birthday Day).

    (No Divination. Just wish Her Happy Birthday.)

  49. 2017.11.08. Is Heaven Tao Mother Satan Same As Holy Bible Revelation Mother Satan?

    You too low dan. Too unsafe to ask know.

  50. 2017.11.09. Dec-2017?

    You still too low dan. Doing over/under things. Still need to consult GUAN YIN.

  51. 2017.11.13. Where Is Dead Singapore Grandmother?

    Lose Heavenly Cultivation/Post.

  52. 2017.11.14. How To Help Poor People On Planet Earth?

    Once they pay finish all Merits Money Debts. Sorrow become happy. Empty become full.

  53. 2017.12.01. Can I Go Ahead Declare My IRAS 1969-2016 New Re-Calclations?

    Go Ahead. You scare too much.

  54. 2017.12.01. Am I Able To Get 4000.00 A Month Next Year 2018?

    Can. As long you as fair/just as China Judge Bao.

  55. 2017.12.01. How My Wife Choy Become Fox Spirit Body?

    Approve come from above. She gets Helpers.

  56. 2017.12.05. What Thing Is My Singapore Mother?

    With Your help. She step by step from sackcloth become silk.

  57. 2017.12.06. What Thing Is Me Panda?

    Best is You don't ask more.

  58. 2017.12.06. What Thing Is My Wife Choy?

    She is Needle in Ocean. Which You looking for thousands of years.

  59. 2017.12.06. What Thing Is My Sister Ivy?

    From GUAN YIN House.

  60. 2017.12.11. What Thing Is JESUS CHRIST?

    A Future God. Now currently still not full power.

  61. 2017.12.11. You GUAN YIN & JESUS CHRIST. Who Is Higher?

    Just like female/male Parents. Both same Rank.

  62. 2017.12.11. Giving 10% to Anglican Church. Can You GUAN YIN take 0% Leftover?

    Best is stay same. % GUAN YIN Tithes = % JESUS CHRIST Tithes.

  63. 2017.12.11. Is Lao Zi To Green Period Old-Buddha Then To Future JESUS CHRIST?

    GOD JEHOVAH Program already approve the Path.

  64. 2018.01.04. Feb-2018. How To Earn Enough Money No Need Wife Choy Allowances?

    You confirm dead tortoise husband (prostitues house pimp). (Still need to depend on Wife Choy.)

  65. 2018.01.05. How To Be A Not Dead Tortoise Husband?

    Richness depend on Heaven. Fate says You confirm dead tortoise husband (prostitues house pimp).

  66. 2018.01.06. How To See Females As Sisters. Not As Females Sex Toys?

    You Big Bird soon knows. Other small birds need You to teach.

  67. 2018.01.07. How To Pass Non-Marriage Love Tests?

    Outside tests are just illusions. If heart stable. Save 2 Sides Both Marriages.

  68. 2018.01.08. How To Save All Female Prostitues?

    Some can. Some impossible cannot. Because it is t/Their c/Choice.

  69. 2018.01.11. How To Make Everyone 1-Male-To-1-Female Happily Married?

    You need Someone who can arrange. And Both Parties agree.

  70. 2018.01.12. How To Feb-2018?

    Water Fishes become Heaven Dragons.


*Ask GUAN YIN For 4D/Big Sweep/Toto:

If you are desperate. (My Ex-Pastor: "do not gamble.")

  1. (First time.) Can I Win 4D With 1.00 Big/1.00 Small Quick Pick Bet?

    Good. Strike 500.00+ .

  2. (Second time.) Can I Win 4D With 4.00 Big/4.00 Small Quick Pick Bet?

    Medium. Strike 0.00 .

  3. (*) Upper Good to Good Divinations = You strike. Medium & below = you don't strike.

  4. (*) Now me Cstan98 asks Divinations Directions to grow my CSTAN98 (Company). You earn more money the hardworking honest ways.


*This Cstan98 Website & Panda Voice One Point:

The me Cstan98 may be Last 一贯道 Jedi Standing. So tell You this Cstan98 Website & my Panda Voice are revolving around One Point Enlightenment. This Point is just basically a Mystic Cavity between Everyone 2 eyes on the nose bone. JESUS CHRIST calls It "the Eye of the Body." One Zen Master. When it is time for Enlightenment. A Fruit Nut falls from the tree & hit open It. It is the Cultivation Training Periods. Not the equipment. JESUS CHRIST calls when Full Of Light.


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