First Country for

Version 2018.05.19

**Panda Queen Imperial Examination 熊猫招亲:

  1. (01) 原配0 = Ms Ng (Status: married - not ordained & remarried.)

  2. (02) 原配1 = Choy Ying Hun (Status: married. A goh-goh divorcee wife pregnant with satanic baby. The goh-goh - himself is tummy baby trying to kill host mother to gain lifespan. Going Each Lifetime Husband/Wife 世世到永生十里桃花.)

**Cstan98 First Universe = Panda:

There can be One Universe.

  1. 天帝 = 熊猫天帝电脑软件/半天帝熊猫。(对就听。不对就不听。)

  2. 老上帝 = 10天星形。必须要熊猫-古佛道。(现在10变8变7。不知道该不该10/8/7/14?相信投胎仙果。)

  3. 大大主将 = 10大战舰。(现在10变8变7。必须变回10。7变14再自然变10。相信投胎仙果。)

  4. 大上帝上帝副帝 = 几个。老上帝决定。

  5. 大主将主将副将 = 几个。大大主将决定。

  6. 天兵部。

  7. 天科学家部。比后小外星人部变天科学家部=有男女+能结婚。不能结婚让很多小外星人走火入魔。

  8. 小蚂蚁天兵部。

  9. 小仙男小仙女部。

  10. 天界动物部。

  11. *驻扎地球魔星。地球素食=不是干净天星素食。敢吃。因果自负。每个够格都要轮流驻扎地球魔星。魔星只有一个=地球。

  12. *所有天兵杂务好像参谋/医生/..... 都必须是天兵出世。

  13. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

**Cstan98 First Country = Panda Asia Command:

Derive from United States President Air Force One concept. Cstan98 First Country is where Cstan98 is stationed (Country).

  1. Singapore HQ.

    (01) CEO = Panda (PG79. Now PG52=SG52=2018).

    (02) CEO = GUAN YIN (四马路-观音娘娘).

    (03) CEO = LKY. (Rumour still alive.)

    (04) CEO = LHL.

  2. East Zone. Japan.

    CEO = Akihito. (Weakest link of 4. Once Country enough virtues. Seas become lands. Buddhism Scripture: "water disasters mean too much sexual sins.")

  3. North Zone. Russia.

    CEO = Putin. (Jedi only suppose to attack until really no choice.)

  4. South Zone. Australia.

    CEO = Princess Middleton. (It is very dangerous for Her & 2 Children Prince/ss to go Australia where British royals doubles armed forces may be active. Least say study in Singapore.)

  5. West Zone. China.

    (05) CEO = 武则天.

    (04) CEO = Xi.

    (03) CEO = Hu.

    (02) CEO = Jiang.

    (01) CEO = Deng. (Dead.)

  6. *Jedi Do What Seem Fit Stroke.

**Cstan98 Second Country = JESUS CHRIST America Command:

Derive from United States President Air Force One concept. Cstan98 Second Country is where We must hold on to (Country).

  1. Canada.

    CEO = Princess Middleton. (Recommend use nearby JESUS CHRIST United States Marines/Navy Seal Commands.)

  2. Texas+Middle-America+South-America.

    CEO = George Bush1. (Quickly take Middle/South America. And reinforce whole United States. Before donald duck implements 666 mark money.)

  3. United-States (except Texas).

    CEO = George Bush1. The d/Democrats & r/Republican are fighting.

  4. *United States George Bush1 gropes 2 females in past. Why still don't remove Him? Even near perfect Cstan98. Still see pornography since age 8. Peep Sister naked body during teenger through bathroom window (once). Ask to touch singapore mother breasts when adult mental (she strips to bra but refuses). JESUS CHRIST: "let Those without sins. Throw the first stone." For me Panda. Unable to.

  5. *For those males kiss/touch hand (except handshake & children)/sex more than 1 female. The me. Never do to a female until marry my Wife at age 41. Then to now. Only touch my Wife (not counting handshakes to females). So me Panda is able to throw the First Stone at 99% of people on this planet. See whether they die or not.

  6. *Jedi Do What Seem Fit Stroke.

**Cstan98 Third Country = JESUS CHRIST 3C (United-Kindgom+Israel+South-Africa) Command:

Derive from United States President Air Force One concept. Cstan98 Third Country is where We must hold on to (Country).

  1. 3C (United-Kingdom).

    CEO = Theresa May. PAF (Panda Armed Forces) is ready this Country become all out tactical wastelands with Halo Suits Combat Units as a 3C Evacuation Point.

  2. 3C (Israel).

    CEO = Netanyahu. There is a Prophecy once Country is attacked by Her enemies. Rapture/Tribulations sequences kick in.

  3. 3C (South-Africa).

    CEO = Makhosi Khoza. Careful of bald head president.

  4. Jedi Do What Seem Fit Stroke.


  1. Singapore = GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Panda Fortress.

    Together with GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Bush United States Texas Fortress. We Jedi try to fight as an Unified Commands to take out satan the devil commands in switzerland.

  2. Outsource Country Operations.

    So that can concentrate on CSTAN98 Consultancy (Church/Company/Country) Operations.


2018. Quickly build up CSTAN98 Consultancy (Church/Company/Country) Incomes Revenues capabilities to fund GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Empire aggressively.

**Panda Imperial GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Singapore Fortress Government:

  1. About LKY Prophecies.

    Actually me Cstan98 gives an Imperial Instruction many years back to see LKY120. If SG50 = LKY91. Then SG(50+29) = SG79. (LKY lives to 120 years old. Have LKY have singapore. No LKY no singapore) = LKY Singapore Constitution lives until LKY120 (SG79). (LHL dies before LKY) = LHL dies before LKY120 (SG79). 2018 = SG52. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  2. Change.

    If me Cstan98 is running Singapore. The country name singapore, constitution dissolve, flag, government laws, national anthem, ..... may change.

  3. Hello Kitty Notes.

    (01) The me Cstan98 promises Little Children going to have Hello Kitty Money Notes. In 2018. To do that. Need to kill current singapore government. Need UN (all planet countries) to approve setup of New Country. Need to build new Armed Forces to defend. Then can print Singapore Hello Kity Notes. Where got time? Cstan98 Fight Cheapstake Stroke. Cstan98 Fight Simple Stroke. Singapore SG52 Government approves Bitcoins (a kind of digital money). Say it is goods not money currency. Therefore Panda Hello Kitty Notes same are goods also not currency.

    (02) Panda Hello Kitty Notes = each Note is unique (either a bit colour/pictures/..... change here/there). If 2 are same. Then 1 is counterfeit. You can confirm it is the right design by entering the unqiue note number into the Official Website. All revelant Copyrights Fees are paid to Hello Kitty Author Creator. So it is a Creative Lovable No-Stealing Assets.

  4. Vote For PAP?

    Have Panda voted for PAP (singapore ruling party) to get the Jobs Done? Of course = me votes for all dogs & pigs emperors to die. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.


  1. Black Holes.

    GUAN YIN: "those who know. Know the high values of Black Holes." They may be HQ Servers of this last Universe. They are combining. Some heading straight for Planet Earth. As We speak. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  2. Main Heaven Planet & Satanic Planet Chess Move.

    现在地球是主力天星/主力魔星。 Hold the Lines. Hold the Frontiers. Hold the Battlefields. Let Fight!!! All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  3. Mother Satan Counter Stroke Chess Move.

    (01) 熊猫古佛对服母魔-燃灯古佛。

    (02) 熊猫-MsNg古佛对服母魔。

    (03) 熊猫-师母古佛对服母魔-南海古佛。

    (04) 熊猫-院长大人古佛对母魔-师尊古佛。

    (05) 地狱???对服母魔-地藏古佛。

    (*) All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  4. Mother Satan Punishment Stroke Chess Move.

    The mother satan has been once a mother of God. The her original name is hell mother (地宫老母). May need to co-judgement with her. After all. The she is ex-mother god. And visits her every month in prison. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  5. Planet Earth Wars - 2017 Chess Move.

    (00) Why Current 2018 Situations:

    (01) Desperate. 'Ultraviolet, Movie': satan the devil commands are not getting stronger. The they are getting more desperate.

    (02) JESUS CHRIST Merits Money. Everyone going mental.

    (03) Special Powers. Those trap in planet earth.

    (04) Timeflows. Very complex now.

    (05) Worst Demons. The worst in Universe are here.

    (*) All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  6. Planet Earth Wars - 3 Years Bad Lucks Chess Move.

    (01) To end these Galactic Wars faster. Panda recommends from (100% No Sex) to (50% Sex + 50% No Sex) Chess Move.

    (02) 50% Great Marriage Sex + 50% Not Even Adultery Pornography.

    (03) This creates 3 years chaos in the Force. Total Dark becomes Half Light/Dark.

    (04) Bad polygamy marriages broken. Good Monogamy Marriages re-establish.

    (05) The bad males fight like mad & very desperate. Good Males must fight to defend by Receiving Enemy Full Stroke.

    (06) French Prophet Nostradamus: "Planet Earth see the worst world wars in 2017. After that. If We last until 2020 (3 years later). This Planet Earth then colonizes Other Planets with Advance Technologies."

    (*) All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  7. Universe Earth Wars 1 - Chess Move.

    (00) 01/01/2018. All dark universes portals are only allowed to be built in earth planet satanic middle kingdom = europe+middle-east+africa except 3C(United-Kingdom+Israel+South-Africa).

    (01) Panda Imperial Order = tighten borders + finally nothing out/enter borders starting 01/01/2018.

    (02) Panda wants all dark universe armed forces to step in there & fight/kill each other.

    (03) We must destroy all dark portals outside all the time.

    (04) Each day. Advance Technology up 100/1000 Levels.

    (05) Warning: if You People want to leave satanic middle kingdom. It is now before 01/01/2018.

    (06) 'Revelation, Holy Bible': Tribulations last 3.5 years = 01/06/2017 + 3.5 years = 01/01/2020.

    (07) We must endure the cryings/screamings inside. If We pity them. Who to pity Us the Last Light Universe? The they have been warned to leave. Can use satellites to monitor inside. Don't send in recon teams.

    (08) Recommendation: build Southern Kingdom to fight satanic northern kingdom at switzerland. There is no reinforcements from outside for 3.5 years.

    (09) 'Revelation, Holy Bible': 666 mark/anti-christs/black sun/comet/earthquakes/famines/..... strike 1/3 of earth = middle satanic kingdom. *black sun = cities burning that daytime sun is covered in darkness.

    (*) All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  8. Universe Earth Wars 2 - Chess Move.

    (00) Please prepare for dark universes dark armed forces. After landing. The they attack 3C(United-Kingdom+Israel+South-Africa) & Eastern Asia Front. We must hold the Lines for 3.5 years. Those sneak pass the Borders let Outside Imperial Police Forces deal. Panda Imperial Order:

    (01) Universe Battlefront. 50% Outside Earth Imperial Forces = deploy as 10 (become 8) Starfleets/Zones + these 10 (become 8) Main Starfleets Commanders decide how to protect all Heaven Planets in each Zone. 50% Inside Earth Imperial Forces = 25% Outside Imperial Police Forces + 25% Border Imperial Armed Forces. Rotations must be done evenly. So that all can rest. All can predict. There is no weak links. All are weak links.

    (02) Earth Battlefront. 50% Outside Imperial Police Forces deal with those sneak out of borders. (Their combat areas are larger. But easier.) 50% Border Imperial Armed Forces are supposed to hold the Lines. (Their combat areas are smaller. But harder.)

    (03) Rotation. At Singapore time 07:00am Daylight. Every 1 Day.

    (04) After Each Day. Forced Rotation. Outside Planet Earth into Inside Planet Earth. Inside Planet Earth into Outside Planet Earth. When Inside Planet Earth. Sometimes is Imperial Armed/Police Forces. Sometimes is this/that Border/Zone. So that Everyone has same rest. There are no weak links. All are weak links. Everythings must be predicted for enemies/Us. Or else enemies take advantage of our chaos complex doctrines. Fight hard/simple.

    (05) Build On Old Patterns. Before 30/09/2017. There all 10 Starfleets. Rotation 1 Starfleet to Planet Earth. After 01/10/2017. There are 10 Starfleets. Rotation 5 Starfleets to Planet Earth. After 01/01/2018. There are 8 Starfleets. Rotation 4 Starfleets to Planet Earth. Of 4 Starfleets on Planet Earth. 2 Starfleets on Borders = 1 Starfleet North/East Border + 1 Starfleet West/South Border + 2 Starfleets on Safe Zones = 1 Starfleet on Asia Command + 1 Starfleet on America Command.

    (06) Before 01/01/2018. We must train Ourselves 100/1000 times harder. Because at first it is very easy. Once enemy dying get very desperate. The they fight very very super-hard.

    (07) Our Objective is No Casualities for Armed Forces & Minimum Near Zero Casualities for Civilians (sometimes natural cause & effect laws say some get what they deserve. We can only do so much.)

    (*) All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  9. Universe Earth Wars 3 - Chess Move.

    Our Objective is to step-by-step. Have One Light Universe. And one dark universe. Then finally One Combined Universe. Now current dark side is so strong. Is because they are not fighting against themselves. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  10. Universe Earth Wars 4 - Chess Move.

    The my Cstan98 Predictions. From now to future. The fighting intensity average out the same = first enemy weak attacks with more foods + later enemy strong attacks (desperate) with less foods. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  11. Universe Earth Wars 5 - Chess Move.

    (01) Because GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM is crying so much for only one First 3.5 Years Tribulations inside the zone. And also still bird satanic people outside the zone.

    (02) Tribulations 7 years not only 3.5 years.

    (03) But Tribulations 7 years = 3.5 years inside zone + 3.5 years inside & outside zones. The new Second 3.5 Years Tribulations. The 4 Planet Earth Starfleets = 2 Starfleets Imperial Armed Forces surrounding Planet Earth Shield + 2 Starfleets Imperial Police Forces inside Planet Earth Shield.

    (04) As same 1 Day Shift. Some dark demons may sneak out into other Universe Heaven Planets during shift change. So all satanic people outside Planet Earth Shield in other Universe Heaven Planets. Be forewarned.

    (05) Now GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM is smiling. This is the only way to save other slightly-more-Light Universe Souls ID trap inside the First 3.5 Years Tribulations Zone. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  12. Wars In Heaven Chess Move.

    Archangel Michael Wars in Heaven starts. We Jedi do not know what to be driven down from Heaven. It may be just a little evil cat spirit. Or trillions of evil dragons. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

**Archive - Annoucements:

  1. Before Me Cstan98 Die.

    You should have trained hard enough to replace me.

  2. Before Cstan98 Website Shutdown.

    You should have memorized all the concepts by heart to replicate the Effects Yourself.

  3. Little Children Stories.

    Because of Copyrights Issues. Now currently try to tell Dead People Zen. Big Brother Panda is running out of Stories to tell You. Please exchange stories among Yourselves or ask from other Big Brothers & Sisters. Or go Public Library to read Books.

  4. May Be No Updates.

    During forced imh (singapore mental hospital) alcohols injections/don't website/ drinks & foods druggings/

  5. Read Daily.

    Read this Cstan98 Website Daily to fight like me. United States Psychologist: "Person needs to read the same things 12 times in order to remember them." JESUS CHRIST: "You need to actions on Teachings to be Great."

  6. Switch To Panda Voices

    You need sharp-mind boiling/icing good undrugged waters.


  1. Declarations Of Surrender.

    Expecting/Preparing PAP (problems and problems) singapore government surrendering of full land government sovereignity to Panda Government at SG79 = 2045.

  2. GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST/Panda Country.

    (01) If You are not successful in Home Country. You cannot be successful here also.

    (02) Panda Singapore is only good to know Panda Government Kungfu (which me Cstan98 humbly & proudly say is the best Eastern GUAN YIN Government Kungfu. You can find on this p/Planet.)

    (03) JESUS CHRIST United States Texas is only good to know Bushes Government Kungfu (which is the best Western JESUS CHRIST Government Kungfu. You can find now on this p/Planet.)

    (04) If You are too persecuted. Enter Them for Trainings. Let Fight!!!

  3. Singapore Drinks Sources.

    Home/Outside. At 9:00pm-6:00am. They are designed to make You sleepy. So that You don't cause troubles. Try not to drink if more sleepy.

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