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*Cstan98 First Company = CSTAN98 (Connsultancy):

Derived from United States President Air Force One concept. Cstan98 First Company is where Cstan98 is stationed (Company).



  1. Active at CSTAN98 (Company) = Current GOD JEHOVAH Panda Farming Fortress. We Jedi try to fight as an Unified Commands to take out satan the devil commands in switzerland.

  2. Outsource as much Company Operations out. So that can concentrate on other CSTAN98 Consultancy (Church, Company, Country) Operations.



2017. Quickly build up CSTAN98 Consultancy (Church, Company, Country) Incomes Revenues capabilities to fund GOD JEHOVAH Empire aggressively.


****Panda Business Areas:

  1. Church. CSTAN98 (Church).

    Currently collecting 1% B&W (Black & White) Tithes to further GOD JEHOVAH Panda Empire. Please see below Term Of Service.

  2. Consultancy. CSTAN98 (Company).

    Cstan98 Consultancy Services. Rick Tan Chun Siong. Founder & CEO. CSTAN98. NUS BBA (Business Administration) Degree Holder. HJC (Hwa Chong Junior College) GCE A Level Pure Science. Build Company from scratch since 1998 (incorporated 2007).

    Subjects for Coaching like:

    (01) BBA (Business Administration Degree).

    (02) Biology.

    (03) Chemistry.

    (04) Coaching Business/Love/Money/Motivation/Studies.

    (05) Counselling - Addictions.

    (06) Counselling - Depression.

    (07) Counselling - Life Crisis.

    (08) Counselling - Marriage/Single Crisis.

    (09) Counselling - Mental Illness.

    (10) Counselling - Teenager Crisis.

    (11) Elementary Mathematics.

    (12) Economies.

    (13) General Paper (English).

    (14) Geography.

    (15) History.

    (16) IT Apple Keynote, Numbers, Pages.

    (17) IT BASIC Programming.

    (18) IT HTML Programming.

    (19) IT Microsoft Office.

    (20) IT SEO (Search Engine Opitmization).

    (21) Management.

    (22) Physics.

    (23) Psychology.

    (23) Skills - Business Startup.

    (25) Skills - Career Planning.

    (26) Skills - CEO Skills.

    (27) Skills - Financial Planning.

    (28) Skills - General Exam Studies.

    (29) Sociology.

    (*00) Carl Rogers: "Counselling can be done by anyone. Not monpolize by a group of technical Doctors."

    (*01) Consultancy Venue: We meet near Yishun Northpoint MacDonald (Singapore). 00:00-23:59. The me 1-to-1 coach You or Your Guardian/Spouse/Parent (if you are unsafe).

    (*02) Fees. Basic 30.00 cash per session. + 1% of the values you think have added for that Session. All Fees collected considerd Merits Money Donations.

    (*03) Foods & Drinks. For MacDonald drinks/meals (if You People required) We play dutch.

    WhatsApp me +65 86911747 or email for further arrangements.


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