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*Cstan98 Registration Data:

Commonsense Copyrights & Patents 1998-2018 by Tan Chun Siong 陳俊雄 (Singapore NRIC: S6904193J)

Singapore ACRA Company Registration Name (& Number): CSTAN98 (53101971C).

Registered Business Operations = Business & Management Consultancy (Church+Company+Country) Services.


*Cstan98 Motto:

"(This Cstan98 Website has been) running the Planet since 1998."

"(The me Cstan98 do all the Deeper Deeper Studyings.) You concentrate on GOD JEHOVAH Works."

CSTAN98 (Company) Motto: "what the f? (So difficult to setup GOD JEHOVAH Kingdom. No wonder previous Angels all get killed.)"

Cstan98 T1000 Mission Parameters: "die die also must setup GOD JEHOVAH Kingdom."

"GOD JEHOVAH please make me Cstan98 & this Website Forever & Ever Good & Pure."

"HOLY SPIRIT please tell me what to write in this Cstan98 Website."

"Let build Beautiful Worlds together."

"This Cstan98 Website is effective past, present & future."



Everything inside this Cstan98 Knowledge Website are Sworn under Holy Bible NKJV (New King James Version). That me Cstan98 speaks the Truth at that point in time nothing but the Truth at that point in time.


*Need Help?

Just kneel down & shout as loud to JESUS CHRIST: "JESUS CHRIST. Help Me!!! JESUS CHRIST. Help Me!!! JESUS CHRIST. Help Me!!!" Take days to years to turn You into a Blessed Sinless Perfect Christian. JESUS CHRIST: "Those who call upon My Name JESUS CHRIST are saved."



  1. This Official Cstan98 Knowledge Website continues from my 'www.cstan98.per.sg' in Year 2007 which continues from my Pacific Internet Cstan98 Website in Year 1998. If You find useful. Please Link to this Website. Please tell Others about this Website.

  2. To go back Last Webpage. Use Back Arrow in your Safari Internet Browser. To go Webpages click Respective Underlined Hyperlinks. To start. Always type the Website URL Address https://www.cstan98.com fully in your Safari Internet Browser to stop proxy plishings. You need to Refresh the Webpage to see the Updated Actual Webpage.


*Missions Of This Cstan98 Knowledge Website:

  1. To create One-Stop Website for Knowledge & Wisdom. To speed up Everyone Learning Process.

  2. To make Everyone at least a Well-Versed Business Administration Degree Graduate.

  3. To teach Panda Zen & Perfect Christianity to Everyone using HOLY SPIRIT & Zen Spirit.


*Objectives Of This Cstan98 Knowledge Website:

  1. To create Heaven Paradise on Planet Earth.

  2. To create Sage-King Governments on all Countries on Planet Earth.

  3. To create Cost-Effective & Integrity B&W (Black & White) Companies & Countries Economies on this Planet Earth.

  4. To create Meaningful Eternal Life of Everyone on Planet Earth.

  5. To guide this Planet Earth pass the crisis between 2007-2017. Prepare Everyone for Rapture during tribulations & Coming of JESUS CHRIST. May be next second or far far future.



  1. Everyone happily 1-1 Monogamy Marriage Match.

  2. Everyone cultivates Vegetarian, Virginity, Virtue.

  3. Every Female a Japanese AV with g-cup breasts.

  4. Every Male has a g-size p organ.

  5. Enough foods.

  6. Take down satan the devil commands.


*Sage-King Government:

  1. The Sage-King teaches Everyone to be Sage-King when He is a Sage-King. While He upgrades to Super Sage-King & so on.

  2. When Sage-King has a Beautiful & Virtuous Queen. He ensures Everyone also.

  3. When Sage-King has Nice Foods to eat. He ensures Everyone also.


*Teachings of This Cstan98 Knowledge Website:

  1. If You help Others. Others help You.

  2. If You make Others rich. GOD JEHOVAH makes You rich.

  3. If You teach Others. GOD JEHOVAH teaches You.


*Cstan98 Introduction Topics:

About The Author Cstan98

Author Notes To Surf This Cstan98 Website <All New Visitors read this First>

Computer Security To Surf This Cstan98 Website




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Cstan98 Black & White CEO Cultivation Section <CEO Start Here>

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Cstan98 Education Mini-Certification Section

Cstan98 Game Cultivation Section

Cstan98 GOD JEHOVAH Program Section

Cstan98 Jedi Quit Sins Section <Jedi Are Sinless Perfect>

Cstan98 Jedi Training Section <Jedi Train Hard>

Cstan98 Knowledge Cultivation Section

Cstan98 Medicine Cultivation Section

Cstan98 Money Cultivation Section <Trillionaires Start Here>

Cstan98 Panda Zen Cultivation Section <Zen Masters Start Here>

Cstan98 Perfect Christianity Ministry Section <Perfect Christians Start Here>

Cstan98 Religion Cultivation Section

Cstan98 Sage-King Government Section <Objective of this Website>

Cstan98 Scripture Cultivation Section

Cstan98 Sex Cultivation Section

Cstan98 Strategy Cultivation Section

Cstan98 Success Cultivation Section <Achievers Start Here>

Cstan98 Wisdom Business Skills Section

Cstan98 Wisdom Social Skills Section

Cstan98 Zen Stories Section <Little Children Start Here>




*Cstan98 First Topics:

First Church <Done3>

First Company

First Country <Done2>

First Cry


*Accounting Notes: CSTAN98 (Company) Accounting Preliminary System:

(01) All past WindowsOS (Operating System) based/transferred Excel Accounting Data 1998-2016 all crashed. Redoing using Mac/iOS (Operating System).

(02) Deposits. To be accounted as Deposits Incomes. (Whether deposits/interests/rebates/self internal transfers/.....)

(03) Free Things. To be accounted as Free Gifts Incomes. (Whether discounts/free/government grants/public domains/value meals/.....)

(04) Not Enough Money Resources - Bank Statements. Can only for example do current 2017 first. Then 2018+2016. And so on both backwards/forwards. (100.00 per month for more than 5 years ago.)


CSTAN98-Accounts-2018.pdf <incomplete>

CSTAN98 Accounts Template.numbers <for You to start Your own Accounting>


*Project Notes: How CSTAN98 (Company) Do Operations:



Cstan98 Game Template.numbers

Cstan98 Jedi Training Template.numbers

Cstan98 Quit M&P (Masturbation & Pornography) Template.numbers


*If You Want To Believe In JESUS CHRIST:

  1. Do Not Wait.

    If You are Animal/Demon/Fallen Angel/..... Feel not worthy (like adultery Prostitue, killing Hitman, .....). In Hell, ..... Don't be perfect first. Recite JESUS CHRIST Salvation Prayer to be Perfect.

  2. From Other Religions.

    If You are Other Religions. Your Trainings do not go to waste. Before Moses becomes Prophet. He is taught in the Egyptian Ways. Before Paul becomes Apostle. He is taught in the Pharisees Ways. Before me Cstan98 becomes Perfect Christian. The me is taught in the Heaven Tao 一贯道 & GUAN YIN Zen Ways.

  3. The me Cstan98 Angel Ranking is Classified.

    If me Cstan98 tells you. The you stone me to death. Zhuang Zi: "High Mountains some people cannot see. Mystic Creatures some people cannot understand. Higher can id the Middle. But middle cannot id Higher."


*JESUS CHRIST Salvation Prayers.

Please recite aloud or thinking. English or any other languages. The my Cstan98 words or your own words. "I, <your name> accept JESUS CHRIST as LORD & Saviour. Please forgive all my past sins. Amen." Congratulations!!! You are now a JESUS CHRIST Christian. Now aim for more & more Perfect Disciple.


*Other JESUS CHRIST Things.

  1. Exodus 20:1-17. GOD JEHOVAH 10 Commandments =

    (01) GOD JEHOVAH. No other gods.

    (02) Honour Father & Mother.

    (03) Jedi1 Not Kill.

    (04) Jedi2 Not Adultery.

    (05) Jedi3 Not Steal.

    (06) Jedi4 Not Lie.

    (07) Jedi5 Not Problem (Covet).

    (08) No idol.

    (09) Not take GOD JEHOVAH, JESUS CHRIST & HOLY SPIRIT Name in vain.

    (10) Remember Sabbath (Rest) Day Per Week.

  2. John 3:5. JESUS CHRIST Water Baptism = when You are ready + recite "in the Name of JESUS CHRIST. Please Water Baptize Me. Amen." + Jump into Water + sins no more + You are a New Creation when rise out of Water.

  3. John 3:5. JESUS CHRIST Spirit Baptism = when You are ready + recite "in the Name of JESUS CHRIST. Please HOLY SPIRIT Baptize Me. Amen." + do all Rights Things HOLY SPIRIT tells You.

  4. Mark 3:15.JESUS CHRIST Deliverance = when You are ready + recite "in the Name of JESUS CHRIST. Please cast out all demons inside Me. Amen." + don't amen demonic languages tongues you don't understand + throw away all strongholds satanic items.

  5. John 6:53. JESUS CHRIST Holy Communion = any Foods You eat (best are Breads) + recite "These are Flesh of JESUS CHRIST. Amen." + any Drinks You drink (best are Grape Juices) + recite "These are Blood of JESUS CHRIST. Amen."

  6. Matthew 6:9. JESUS CHRIST LORD Prayer. "Father in Heaven. Hallow Your Name. Your Kingdom come. Your Will done. On Earth and in Heaven. Give Us Daily Foods & Drinks. Forgive Our sins as We forgive Others. Do not lead Us into temptations. Deliver Us from all evils. For Your Kingdom Power Glory. Forever & Ever. Amen."

  7. Matthew 22:37-39. JESUS CHRIST Love Commandments: "love GOD JEHOVAH & Your Neighbour like Yourself." (*Notice: Neighbours who want to live like You, not satan the devil & evil demons.)

  8. Matthew 18:3. JESUS CHRIST Like Little Children Gospel: "unless like Little Children. Cannot enter the Kingdom of GOD JEHOVAH."

  9. Matthew 5:48. JESUS CHRIST Perfect Gospel: "We are to be Perfect. Just like Our Father GOD JEHOVAH in Heaven is Perfect."

  10. Matthew 28:18-20. Spreading JESUS CHRIST Perfect Gospel = tell as Many People as possible: "JESUS CHRIST loves You."


*GOD JEHOVAH Kingdom Come:

  1. In JESUS CHRIST Name. For today (You must use all Your Past Annointings full firepowers on to Today to gain enough Annointings for tomorrow. Dont spread your firepowers to forever & ever for example.)

  2. All dogs & pigs emperors die.

  3. Annoint Perfect Christians/Zen People with more Powers, Resources, Wisdom, ..... to do GOD JEHOVAH Works.

  4. Bounce back the evil one all spells & IMH (injections medications hospitalizations).

  5. Cast out all evil spirits from Everyone body.

  6. Convict all sins of Everyone whether careless, forgotten, hidden, little, secret, unknown, .....

  7. Destroy the evil one all things like heavens, hells, powers, things, worlds, ..... that trap souls.

  8. Everyone become Perfect Christians during Revival before Rapture before tribulations.

  9. Everyone can hear Earth Archangel Panda Voice & Website.

  10. Give Everyone their due punishments & rewards to keep the Flock Pure.

  11. Give what dogs & pigs eat to sinners so that they come to repentance.

  12. Make those who do evil things become sick.

  13. Pair up Everyone One Male To One Female in Perfect Marriage.

  14. Safeguard Everyone Basic Rights to Clean Sharp Mind Foods & Drinks.

  15. Amen.


*Cstan98 Official Topics:

Offical Certifications

Official Photos

Privacy Policy

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